Settle a debate

My friend and I have been having a conversation and I need you, my loyal readers, to help us settle it.

The query is:

“When you are in love with someone, especially if they do not reciprocate, when do you know it is time to let go?”


I am of the “love them beyond the point of reason” camp

My friend says “if they don’t appreciate what they have, let it go.”

What say you? (also, I wish I knew how to put a poll on here since no one seems to know how to comment. LOL)


8 Responses to “Settle a debate”

  1. After awhile holding on to something that will never be just becomes harmful to yourself. Good test, go a week without co rafting the person first. If they don’t reach out to you then it’s pointless. You can’t be the one always insisting conversation, that shows you your worth.

  2. I am of the camp of a little of both. Love until you just can’t anymore. And you have to keep in mind the let it even though it can smash your heart- But must happen sometimes. And a lot of talking to the other person. Nothing is resolved thru assuming.

  3. Cut the ties right away and move on. There’s something better out there!

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