I am


  • am intelligent
  • am talented
  • love easily, deeply, and freely
  • am honest
  • have a sharp wit
  • am well read
  • am cultured
  • love music
  • write
  • am trying
  • have lost weight
  • love flowers
  • am affectionate
  • am a good mom
  • work hard
  • play hard
  • love travel
  • am free spirited
  • am pretty
  • am stubborn
  • don’t laugh much
  • am excruciatingly hard on myself
  • am graceful
  • am clumsy
  • perfectly contradictory
  • deserve love
  • deserve respect
  • deserve someone who knows what they have
  • do not need a relationship
  • want a companion
  • like kissing
  • like holding hands
  • don’t like to let go of something special
  • need to learn to let it go
  • am a mistress of the stage


I am everything above and so much more.

I do not want to change me for you to love me.

I will not be other than myself

If you do not like it, you can show yourself out.


2 Responses to “I am”

  1. Lovely list!

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