Walk Away

Could you walk away.

Could you walk away from someone you feel like you a heartbeat away from falling for?


I can’t. Even knowing that it will never happen, never be. I can’t. The thought of walking away completely makes me not be able to breathe.

I used to think he knew. I don’t think that anymore.

I really think that he is completely clueless about how I feel.

That is probably for the best.

I would gather the pictures and burn them to purge my soul of this need, but there is nothing to burn. He is a ghost in my life.


All I want is someone who gets me, all sides of me, and still wants to be near me. Someone who isn’t afraid of me, or themselves. Someone who wants me, but also has their own shit to handle.

I am perfectly imperfect. I do not NEED someone. But life is better when shared.




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