I don’t understand

Why? Why are you full of so much pettiness and hatefulness? I don’t understand. I always assumed better of you, assumed that you were the people I saw in my mind. But as I sit there are watch you bicker and bitch about  it has pushed me over the edge.

One of you says, “But I didn’t go to any of the others.”

To which I say, “It’s hard to go where you’re not invited.”

I’m told that, “that isn’t the point.” Well then what in the ever living fuck is?

The argument that happened recently was between me and her, if we can get over it, so can you.

You pray for peace, but when an olive branch is extended you won’t take it.

I give up on you all.

If I can go, after my marriage disintegrated…. I never got the big wedding, I never will…. if I can go, STAG I WILL REMIND YOU, then you can get your heads out of your asses.

None of us are perfect, and I am sick of the stones, because I know that when I am not there (and often when I am there) there are plenty tossed at me. You bitch because I am fat, and then when I’m on a diet and losing weight you refuse to take that into account when fixing meals. You bitch because I’m broke, but when I try to get a second job you absolutely refuse.

Some days I wish I had stayed, or at least went back, to NC. It may have been a lonely life, but at least it would have been mine.




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