Loving yourself is great, but…

There are just some things it doesn’t cover. I have developed a great love for myself, and I know what people say about “not needing a relationship” “blah blah blah” but let me explain to you some of the things that having a love affair with yourself does NOT cover.

  1. Really great, late into the night conversations with someone who knows you well. Someone you can disagree with and still end up laughing. And that no topic is out of bounds
  2. I’m just going to say it. Sex. Great, emotionally charged, sex. There is no point in being shy and beating around the bush about it. Most people (yes even the ones who refuse to acknowledge it) really enjoy sex.
  3. Cuddling. Yes my animals and body pillow are great. But they still don’t take the place of waking up tangled up with someone who doesn’t care if your hair looks like you stuck a fork in a socket over night.
  4. Someone to vent to about my day. My cats are getting sick of hearing it, and the language that is sometimes useful is not child friendly.
  5. A helping hand, partner in crime, someone who always has your back


So yes, I understand that I need to be ok with myself, and I am. I am even ok BY myself

But let’s be honest… humans (for the most part) were not intended to be solitary creatures.


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