Who killed “Romance” ?

Romance is dead, I have seen it written.  It’s obituary scrawled in hasty text messages… “Hey grl, wanna Ntflx and chill?”  It was the same obituary for the English language, but today I mourn Romance.

Did women kill it? In our infinite quest for equality?  I mean don’t get me wrong, I would like to be paid equally and be treated like a human being, but that doesn’t mean that occasionally I would like a nice bouquet of flowers.

Did men kill it? Slowly chiseling away at it knowing that we would just keep accepting less and less??

Or was it everyone? The de-evolution of society. The break down of holding hands and going for walks into texting each other across a 2 foot table. We have slowly made it to where no one has to work for it anymore. We give ourselves away day after day. It has become so bad that people are confused by romantic gestures now. People are made fun of for sweetness or wanting genuine human connection.


Who killed romance? I would like to know so that I could avenge its passing.


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