Learning to Hurt Correctly

I think I (and some people that I know) have reached the point where we are too immobilized with fear to let anyone in ever again.

We have let the hurt of lies and broken promises consume us.

So what, then, happens when we inadvertently fall for someone (especially if they are in a similar place)? What happens if it sneaks up on us? But what if after this, we find out that they can’t or don’t feel the same way? Then we completely shut down

and all our friends tell us to make our lives about our children “only focus on your kids,” and that is great, but they are essentially telling us to commit metaphorical suicide. There are wanting us to kill of ever love, care, and interest that isn’t our children (and of course our immediate family). When I put it that way, does it seem fucked up to you?

Because however “well-intentioned” it is meant, it sounds awful. I know that I am a mother now, and I know that that changes everything about how my life works, but for the health of myself AND my children, there HAS TO BE MORE TO ME.

I have to learn how to lay the hurt down and let people in.


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