Dear Trump Supporters, I get it

I’m not being antagonizing, or ironic… I really do get it. You’re upset, you’re disenfranchised, and you’re scared. You are everything that I, as a Sanders supporter am, except you have fallen victim to your fear. I don’t blame you. I don’t think that you’re “stupid” or any of the many terms that people sling at you. I think you’re scared. I think that Trump has done a wonderful job of convincing people of who is to “blame” for their problems… it’s a smart campaign move. Sanders has also shown his supporters who is to “blame” but the difference is, his is fact based. Numbers based. Not fear and racially based. Not praying on the fear that has been not-so-slowly building over the past 15 years.

So I want you to know… I understand.

But the Islamic faith is not to blame for our economic problems. Corporations (like Trump) that farm jobs out to foreign countries to save themselves money are. Corporations where the CEOs make more annually than 90% of their work force combined, are to blame. Politicians who promise to do the will of their voters and instead do the will of the companies lining their pockets are. The EPA didn’t kill coal, the market did. People just do not rely on coal like they used to, we can’t change that. The “Federal Government” didn’t take away our rights, we spoon fed them to them in our fear and hatred of anything that is “other.” I’m not saying that the fear wasn’t real… we, as a nation, watched live as those towers fell and those lives were lost. We’ve watched all the shootings, chaos, and violence since. But do not be swayed by the dark side. We have to be better than what they accuse us of. We have to be strong enough to rise above, to seek the light, and to love our neighbor.



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