Dear Trump Supporters, I get it PART 2

Again I will not call you any of the many names I know that have been hurled at you. In fact, I will protect you, even if I know that you may throw the first stone if I was on the stand. I will defend you because what we do now matters. The choices that we make now, as a people, MATTERS. I have decided that I will not stand for hate and intolerance, even of those who, in my high-horse state I might deem to be full of those traits. I WILL PROTECT YOU. Because what kind of person am I if I rail against hatred and then show you that same hatred. I will form a #WALLOFLOVE around you, because no one, not even you, deserves to be beat down upon.

What we do now matters. So I urge you to do some soul searching, to look upon the rhetoric that you are tying yourselves to and decide if that is where you want us to head. but be aware that the hatred you throw now, will come back upon you.

But me, a “Crazy Sanders Supporter,” I will protect you.






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