A rock and a hard place

So 6 months out from the divorce and i have found myself in an entertaining conundrum…
I have had relatively few relationships in my life, and even fewer of those were in my “adult” life.
The longest of those of course was with my husband.
I have just now… 6 months out of the divorce and about a year out of finding out….started running into her and her family around town. The last time, I didn’t even flinch. But he won’t meet me for breakfast anymore because he’s afraid of running into her. That tells me alot.
So I was thinking this morning and have reached the conclusion that:
I am not sure I can ever be with him again, and I am not sure that I know how to be without him.

What do I do with that? How do I live with that?

I am not sure that I can survive getting to know someone again… not now, not with everything else in my life, not with my girls. 


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