This thing on…

I guess people read this, I’m not always sure…
You all should be proud of my restraint, I managed to NOT end up in jail on Sunday and it took effort.

There is a restaurant in town that I like to eat at, even though it is a popular spot in a small town. I knew there was a higher than average chance of running into her family there but the food is so good (homemade) and cheap. Their breakfast is my favorite  and I have been going every weekend for over a month with no incident. I have actually seen her in close proximity  since…before I found all the pictures I guess…
I went on Sunday like always, a little later because I had been awake until after 3am…

When I walked in I took a seat at the bar, my usual seat was taken. There was a large group in the back, but for the most part the place was fairly chill.

Just about the time I got my food I saw her…. with her boyfriend that she got like a month after she made sure my life fell apart…. walking toward the cash register.

She had seen me, she was distraught and her boy toy was rubbing her shoulders comfortingly… I wonder if he knows that she fucked my husband in my home, in my bed, 5 houses away from my parents’ house…

I wonder if she’s sold herself the story that she’s the victim so hard, that even she is starting to believe it.

But riddle me this… One of the large complaints of my ex is that he felt like he wasn’t represented in the house (even though when asked he NEVER gave input) so HOW could she be in MY house where all my worldly possessions were, all my girls stuff was, and have no clue that the girls and I still lived there? She couldn’t have… there is no way. So stop trying to sell her as a poor clueless victim. She is guilty…. not solely, but she is responsible. She was told, several times, once even my me, all she did was talk shit about me…

I managed to only let my anger out in tears.

But I would rather have her hatred than her pity, because I’m not sure I could have kept myself from beating her with something if she had looked at me with pity… but she does owe me an apology for being the slut that assisted in ruining my marriage, and for all the shit she talked about me.




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