Becoming a Pro at Rejection. Also….things that annoy me

You want to know what really gives me the red ass (if you don’t get that reference I feel badly for you)? Too bad, because this is MY BLOG and I’m going to tell you any way.

Sure Ways To Annoy La Femme:

  1. Refuse to answer my text messages… if you don’t want to talk to me, fine, but grow some balls and tell me so. Do not just not answer when I text you.

Send a read receipt on an email and then still not answer.

So some of you may know that I was in Grad school 2 years ago this fall, what most don’t know is that I was suspended because I received a B- in my hardest class and was dismissed.
I have since then considered a program in Creative Writing, but after having one of the faculty review my writing… I don’t have the chops.
I was turned down by WVU because of the gpa I had 11 years ago.
It seems that perhaps, between my personal and academic lives, I have become a professional at rejection.


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