2+2=3… When something is missing, but you can’t put your finger on it

It’s bad … really bad. I hate fighting, especially with my ex.
But…. May I vent?

Of course I can, it’s MY blog
The last few times we’ve been around each other things have just not been adding up.. and if you’ve read ANY of my posts you know that he’s a bit of a habitual liar.

So here’s a run down of recent “scratch my head” moments:

I had a procedure done a week or so ago, and the other day I was having some issues and asked him if he would ask his sister about it (she’s an RN). Well he was at my house that night (yes I know I’ve let him too far in) and said that he hadn’t heard back from her at that point because she had work and then an appointment, then when we were getting the girls to bed (they want someone to snuggle with and its easier with 2 people) his phone went off a few times. So I asked him if he had ever heard from her and he was like “oh that was her a few minutes ago.” Then the very next day I asked him if he had gotten to ask her about the bleeding and he said that he hadn’t talked to her. When I said “you said that was her that texted last night” he was like “oh. uh yeah, but that was bank issues.”

I thought he maybe he would go to the doctor with me for my post-op check (so I would have to be scared AND alone), but he told me that he was headed out of town this morning. When I finally broke down and asked him where he was going because he was being infuriatingly vague, he got shittty, told me it was none of my business and then said he was going to a town 2 hours away (the closest branch of his bank) to deposit the check from the family stuff. Keep in mind that he’s told me for weeks that his other sister has not done anything about finalizing the sale of his mom’s house and then all of a sudden today he has a check that he has to drive to 2 hours to deposit. When I said “you said she hadn’t started that process” he said “I don’t have to explain myself to you.” True enough, but still….

Then he was telling me all about these Newfie puppies and I was like “how did you find out about them?” he was like “One of my employees is getting one.” But why would you tell your manager ALL about this puppy you’re getting (including price) and he know all about what it looks like, etc.
I know that this all sounds probably paranoid, but it just doesn’t…..feel right.
So I told him that I didn’t think that the girls needed to come to his house tonight. Technically he’s supposed to have them EVERY OTHER weekend and he had them last weekend, but I have been nice and tried to let him have them every Friday night if he’s off because he never gets a full weekend (because he refuses to even TRY to work it out with his work schedule). So he goes off on me and says that I am “using them as a weapon just because he ‘pissed me off'”

I tried to explain all this to him and he just got hateful and mean. How am I supposed to take that?


So I’m at that moment when you realize that people just don’t change.


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