On the Outside of In

It’s been a little while… I’m sorry

I went on a long weekend with my girlfriends.

It served to be both beneficial and to depress me.

I love my friends, don’t misunderstand. And I was glad (and a little surprised) that everyone actually came.

We came up with this amazing plan, which honestly I helped develop, that we could all go together this summer to find a big house and do a family trip. Then I realized that I don’t fit into that plan. Everyone is talking about bringing their kids, their spouses (significant others)…. I have my kids, and they love the beach, but they were talking about how many rooms each group would need, and I’m like….. just 1. Just me and my girls and we can share. I don’t fit. I’m the 9th wheel. The very idea that I had put forth so gleefully came around to bite me.

I will never fit in again…. maybe I never fit in to start with.


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