Ok, Cupid

So after reading about the …. success? …. of Dan over at I Can’t Make This Shit Up!, and my total and complete lack of anything other than disaster when it comes to dating, I decided to try OKCupid.

Dear God in Heaven, WHY?!?!

I have decided that dating apps are like fishing in the shallow end of the gene pool.

There seems to be either “trying too hard” douche bags or “Do you ever leave your computer”

If you use poor grammar, spelling, etc. when reaching out to contact me… just…don’t.

Just leave it alone.

I thought it HAD to be better than Tinder, but it seems like all dating now is, “Sup girl, wanna see a dick pic?”


These guys are like toddlers that just discovered that they have an “attachment” to play with. I mean seriously, WTF?!


3 Responses to “Ok, Cupid”

  1. I’m happy my ‘success’ inspired you. Bwahahahaha…
    Give it a little time. Being brand new, you’re Fresh Meat and a target for all of the asshats. They will calm down… or climb in a hole and die. 30 Days is a good benchmark goal to see if you make any good connections.
    Just my humble, ‘successful’, experienced opinion on the matter. 🙂

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