Wanting the cake AND the cupcake

There is an old expression that goes, “He wants to have his cake, and eat it too.”

I have always, as a cake lover, thought that was a really stupid statement. I mean of course if you have cake you want to eat it, I mean hello?!?!

But then I discovered how that applies to relationship… ok, maybe I see your point… BUT I think a better phrase would be: “He wants the cake, but wants a cupcake too.”

The cake being the stable, longer effort dessert. You have to work a little to get it, maintain it…. The cupcake being the fast and dirty solution (especially the mini ones).

Let me be clear… I don’t mind being the cupcake, but I will not be the cake that you leave sitting on the counter while you go out and have a cupcake party.

The more information that filters down from the MULTIPLE friends I have in different places, I’m just awestruck. I used to be better at the game, damn. I’m slipping.

At this phase in my life, I know what I like. I know what I don’t like. And I absolutely know what I will not fracking tolerate.

I have come to the conclusion that I just need to find a sparring partner. Because at this point, I don’t hate the game, I hate the player.


One Response to “Wanting the cake AND the cupcake”

  1. It’s the Players that have tried to completely change the rules of the Game.
    I love your analogy. Who wants to be the cupcake? Moments of pleasure, then gone from the mind until the next craving comes. Okay, there IS a minority of people that think this is perfectly acceptable, as long as they’re getting their cupcake.
    I’m in the majority… if I’m not the cake, then you ‘ain’t getting a taste.’

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