I’m so pathetic.

This is going to be a rant to myself…

You are a single mother of 2, who is B.A.F., your ex was having a lengthy relationship with a 22-year-old who everyone is like “she’s so sweet,” and several people knew about but no one told you…. YOU LOOK PATHETIC ENOUGH, DO NOT MAKE IT WORSE BY CHASING SOMEONE WHO IS NOT INTERESTED!

Everyone says, “you don’t need a man,” and they are ABSOLUTELY 1000% right. But I WANTED a companion. Someone who, at the end of a particularly sucktacular day I could lean my head on their shoulder and say, “what the fuck was that?!?”

Someone who knows that I have had a shitty day and shows up at my door with a donut and a hug.

I don’t want the world, and I’m not expecting forever, I just…………

Fuck it.



One Response to “I’m so pathetic.”

  1. I believe you will do it. You need a change in atmosphere. Take the girls to library programs and see who you meet. You end up meeting all kinds of new people from one new friendship.

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