Clarification… I do not NEED a man

Let me explain that I do NOT believe that I NEED a relationship to be happy, or whole. If you knew who raised me, you would know that that has been “beat” into me since pre-birth. And everyone keeps saying “take time” “get to know yourself” “learn to love yourself”

But I do love myself… me loving me was never the problem, it was my ex loving me that created the issue.

I’m 33 I know who I am, I know what I want, what I hate, what I need…. why is this so difficult to understand?

I know people think I’m down on myself because of some of the statements that I make, but honestly those things are true, but they are not the whole of who I am.


  • funny
  • geeky
  • have great eyes
  • have great legs
  • my back is sexy as hell
  • I am super smart
  • I can cook
  • I can sing
  • I can dance
  • I’m a killer Stage Manager
  • I’m a good kisser
  • I’m a passionate lover (take that however you will)
  • I am loyal to a fault
  • I LOVE to learn
  • I care deeply

Life does get me crazy sometimes though, and it for those times that I would like a partner.



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