This one’s on me

I’ll own this one.  This one is my fault. I thought that I could change his mind. Make him see. But it is a bit like trying to tell a Trump supporter that that man is insane. You can not make someone care. Can not expect to have them see through your eyes.
The sad truth is,  I think what I’ve been told is true… no one will love me, not even my ex did because let’s be honest, ypu can’t do what he did to someone who you love.
When caught between a man who obviously just wants “it” and a man that seemingly wants more, I  will choose to be the bootie call because I know up front what I am.
With enough medication the need for emotional attachment will pass, and they make wonderful battery operated devices to take care of the more base needs that might arise.
I will own myself on this, the new rule is no relationships, period.


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