A lesson learned.

Today I have learned not to care.

A lesson that somehow, my divorce failed to teach me.

A lesson that I didn’t want.

But that’s what happens when you say what you feel.

That is what happens when you feel at all.

Tis a far greater thing to be a good, but lonely, mother than a terrible lover.

I think I should quit the workout competition I’m doing, I don’t care if people find me attractive any more.

I would rather be fat and happy with a donut, than thin and sad with a man.

Don’t fall for people.

Do NOT fall for people.

There will never be anything that lasts, some things just never actually get started.

If the person that vowed to love you forever can break you, then anyone else can do as bad, and if they can… they will.

At least I don’t need a babysitter for Saturday now.

Can’t believe I even wanted him to meet my family, not that he would have anyway.

Do not be cold and clinical with me, it just proves that you didn’t really care in the first place.

How many days can I be a sobbing mess at work this week before someone has me committed?

I need a donut.



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