Crazy Post… AKA What it’s like inside my brain

Have you ever heard a rumor that you just can not shake? But you can’t very well walk up to the person and say, “Hey! So I heard…”

What do you do when you like someone who is so hot and cold that you think you’re going to go into shock from the sudden changes?

“Going out” in your 30’s means taking a day and a half to recover from an exhaustion hangover, instead of an alcohol one.

Also I am glad that all of the people there not old enough to be my dad expressed ZERO interest in me at all, because by the end of the night I remembered how much I missed kissing so badly that I would have probably pounced on them.

The romantic in me wants to love Valentine’s Day, but it is also the romantic in me that has COMPLETELY KILLED ALL HOPE of me ever loving that day. I hated growing up, in middle and high school and at the end of the day they would do the “roll call” of all the people that needed to come pick up their asinine bouquets. UGH Valentine’s Day has never and will never be that ideal image in my head.



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