A Better Person.

My goal for life is to be a better person each day than I was the day before. My hope for this is not only to be a better example for my children but that maybe, just maybe, if I’m a better person each day, maybe eventually I’ll be good enough. Good enough that the powers that be will feel that I am good enough for happiness. Good enough that that will say,

Maybe we should stop messing with her. Maybe we should let her have a guy that is not self-absorbed, self-involved, won’t cheat on her repeatedly, wants to be with her, will treat her like a living breathing being with her own ideas, will love her  for the complete mess that she can be….

Until then, I will take it day by day. I will focus on not screwing up my kids too much, I will try to be less critical of myself and those around me, I will stop having expectations of people because if you don’t expect anything you can not be disappointed.




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