Out of the Darkness

When I first met my now ex-husband I was in a very dark place. I had had a very traumatic last semester of college in so many ways.

I had quit smoking during finals of that semester. I had had to suddenly move back onto campus after the semester had started. Due to the events that necessitated that I lost most of my group of friends because no one believed me, because it was easier not to. My best friends, the group of 4, were scattered. J had left and moved to RVA, D and J were pretty much living in Salem and engaged, and W was caught up in the above mentioned spitting of ways.

I was in a relationship that… served certain needs while completely devoid of any emotional connection on his part.

I had graduated in December and had no plan for my future other than I didn’t want to move back to my hometown. I started work at the call center in January and he was my trainer.

Even with all the stealing, and lying, I figured that I could love him through it…

But the one thing that I have learned well is that people do not change.


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