Irony – Feelings on Counseling

It’s ironic that parts of my family have a completely disparaging view on therapy, or at least on anyone in the family receiving it. It’s ironic because all of them could use it, and 2 of my family members are/have been school counselors.

It is also ironic because I HATE counselors. The only one that I ever wanted to talk to was the father of one of my childhood friends, who I didn’t even realized was a psychologist. I have had plenty of counseling experience, including mandated counseling when I had to move back on campus (mentioned in Out of Darkness post), and marital counseling after the first affair and lying. None of them have went well. I don’t want to start with what happened when I was a baby, I want to start with the reason that I am there and if I need to work back, then fine.  This is ironic because I have applied to get my masters in counseling.

I want to do this because I want to help people. I want to be a better helper for the next person in need than the last one was for me.



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