Sex in the modern age

We have created a no win society for people, one that leads to secrets and lies in relationships.

We are a hyper-sexual society. Let’s face it and own it, it’s true. We use sexual images to sell everything. Want to sell shoes? Add sex. Want to sell hamburgers? Add sex. Want to sell video games? Add double sex.

But we have made sexual desire a thing of shame and scandal. We pump sex into people at 1000 frames per second and then get outraged when they become aware of their sexuality.

If a woman is comfortable sexually she can expect to get lewd commentary from otherwise rational men constantly. Messages for naked pictures, and requests for her time. If she sends them a few things happen:

  1. She no longer has any right to the expectation of privacy. Once the pictures are shared he can do whatever he wants with them
  2. She is deemed easy (and several more unsavory terms) and expected to “lie down” upon their next meeting.

If she does not comply then some other things happen:

  1. She is deemed a slut anyway and a tease as well
  2. She is continually hounded to comply
  3. In some situations, what is wanted is taken forcibly.

(Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that these this can’t or don’t happen to men as well, but let’s be honest and look at the percentages.)

This all comes from the root that we are taught “Sexual desire is wrong.”

As I said in my last post: I believe it is unrealistic, even in relationships, to expect the other person to NEVER be sexually attracted to any one else ever. If we, as a society, would talk about desire and attraction in more open terms then people would know how to deal with those situations when they arise. Instead of being driven to cheat, they would feel comfortable admitting the attraction to their partner and moving on without any infidelity.

Instead we have been brainwashed into believing that sex, and particularly sexual desirability, is the highest goal. While simultaneously being taught that it is shameful, harmful and wrong.


No wonder we don’t stand a chance



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