The Whole Sordid Tale…

So what was I to do? I had images and emails seared into my brain. I literally believe that I went into shock, the closest I can come to describing the physiological reaction is that  and probably should not have been driving. My uncle and grandfather changed my locks, I went to the lawyer. I was mad as hell and every time I felt myself slipping just a little I would break out the images or the emails and remind myself what it was that had broken me. But I couldn’t keep the girls from him, that wasn’t cruel to him, that was cruel to our girls. My family insisted on ONLY supervised visits because they were afraid he would take off with them. I wasn’t afraid of that. But I was afraid of being near him because the truth is… I still loved him. Well It happened. Just like I knew it would.

I had promised the girls a beach trip and no one in my family would go. Michael said that he would go and split costs and we could have separate beds. I said that was fine. We took a long weekend and came back as a family. This was the end of June.

When we came back, we decided to try to work things out. He said that he was in therapy and that he would continue to go. It wasn’t even a month until I found out that he was still lying…. He told me that he was going in for an over night consultation. The hospital that he said he was going to only takes commits. I knew he was lying when he left that night. I followed him. I lost him but then I found his car at Walmart. He has never came clean about where he was that night. I am certain he was with another woman, but god knows which one. I was done. I told him that he needed to stay gone. I went to the lawyer and resumed the paperwork.


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