Beauty in the Modern Age

Recently I made a post on my Facebook in response to my frustration with the way we, as humans, treat each other. It had my friends rushing to my defense and posting reassuring comments, but that wasn’t what I had desired…. don’t get me wrong, a compliment is always nice, but my point was meant to address a deeper issue. The post was:

I have come to terms with the fact that I am not attractive, but still, having it pointed out so blatantly…. hurts.

I can understand how that may sound like a post of self-pity, but really it was a post of self-acceptance.

Now don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying that I’m a hideous troll, I just accept that my the world’s standard of what is “beautiful,” I am not. Even 15+ years and less 30+ pounds ago, I wasn’t.

When you Google “beautiful women,” this is what you get:

Beautiful Women

Let me tell you how much I DO NOT look like them….

On my best days, and with a good Instagram filter, I look like this:


So lets just go with this…. we won’t even talk about my extra “wobbly bits”, or my total and complete lack of a “thigh gap”

One, my complexion is ruddy, at best. I have an excessive amount of freckles, and I turn red at the slightest bit of heat/irritation (note my chest area in this picture). I have nearly hidden my almost-double-chin in this photo with good knowledge of positioning, but still with that it exposes the rather obvious scar on my neck. My nose is slightly bulbous, and my eyes, in color, (I know you can’t see them) are murky and indecisive. My hair is too thin and never lays right.

Also, I am too short, too curvy. I have a mom body. Which means that I have bits that I didn’t have before and that my breasts and gravity are not friends.

I know, I know, that is A LOT of negative, but none of it is “untrue.” Sure, there are things to love… my lips are well shaped, my shoulder line and collar bones are nice, I am occasionally graceful, I have cute feet, and my legs, while a little thicker at the top than acceptable, are nice.

My point of the original post though was not for sympathy, or an ego stroke, but simply a call for people to be kind.

Yes, you may be an Adonis and know it; but just because I don’t look like a magazine cover does not give you the right or permission to belittle, overlook, or dismiss me.


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