The Whole Sordid Tale…Part 5

Some time in this period… at least by early 2014 he had began texting and emailing at least 2 other women. “Dick pics” the kids would say. I know because I found the emails in June of this year (if you’re going to fuck around at least delete the evidence).

In the summer of 2014 he began playing tennis with a girl from work and supposedly her boyfriend. I was never invited although I  played tennis in high school. I was suspicious. I grew angry and resentful. He would get mad when I talked to my writer friend, or my coworker, saying that he didn’t like the way they looked at me. He would get angry when I would call Carly his girlfriend in jest.

By early this year, I was suspicious enough to start paying more attention. I started putting it on my calendar when he was gone overnight. It added up. I was fairly…regular.

Then I found hotel charges… he said they were for work trips that were reimbursed through expense pay. Then I found the Victoria’s Secret charges… he said he bought me a swim suit that was back ordered because of the size I required.

He had a prepaid credit card that he used to hastily place an order for a suit, it didn’t fit. It was awful.

Then I got into his email…He’s recovery email was one that he had given me the password to during a previous period of mistrust. From there I could see his hotel rewards… including stays at the hotel in town. And the Victoria’s account… There is no way I was fitting into the size panties he ordered…. ever.

Then I found the pictures….

The emails….

All the words that he told her, and what is worse is that I could hear them, and the ones that wen’t in email. I could hear all of the awful things he had said about me to her, because he had said them to me about his first wife. I knew. I was back in that time… 2005 young and eager to be loved. And it made the pain that much worse. I wanted to hate her but how could I hate her without hating myself?

The difference of course was that he was in the process of divorce from his first wife when we met and was still very much married to me when he started schlepping Carly.

So now what…. what do I do?

… To Be Continued


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