The Whole Sordid Tale… Part 4

When last we left or idiotic girl…

He said we could move. My parents got him in contact with a manager at a chain and he not only got offered a job, but a place in the management training class. I found nothing but his pay was great and we would be staying with my parents for a little bit so it was ok.

We picked up and moved in October.

He was gone a lot with his training because he had to go to the Regional office for some of it. I wasn’t suspicious though, he would video chat with me and the girls every night, and show all the girls the cool things in the hotel room that they put him up in. We talked and laughed and he would send me pictures and would show me pictures, videos, and articles on his phone. His phone was never locked in those days.
He was doing well and said that he enjoyed it but things gradually got worse. Living with my family was hard and we eventually found a rental… 5 houses away. The house was good at first, despite him hating the location. But it developed mold, and the back yard had a funky vibe that just never went away. He began to get angry and resentful. When he was done with his training they had him as a traveling fill in. He liked seeing all of the different stores and interacting with all the people but he was tired and not always home. He went from traveling to being in a store about 60 miles away. He liked it there. They were good to him in that store. I don’t know when things started to go wrong. I do know that one of the girls was in one of the stores he traveled to, so maybe things went wrong a long time before I thought they did. I just know that I gradually felt him slipping away.


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