The Whole Sordid Tale… Part 3

Then what?

What do you do when you haven’t even reached 6 months in your marriage and one of you has lied about pretty much everything and the other has been untrue?

(Oops, I sounded a little too much like the narrator from Rocky Horror there… I’ve been spending too much time at rehearsal.)

Well I’ll tell you what you do.

You buy a house together.

Because buying a house and starting a family would seem like the totally logical next step in a normal marriage. So lets flash forward to October 1 of 2008. I was about 5 months pregnant with our first. We went to a Willie Nelson concert because I loved Willie and he was indulging me. He disappeared to the bathroom for a long time before the concert and I say and waited, worried about him. We had a good time. It’s hard to remember that. Then on the way home, my phone rang. It was Pharm. Chick. That is the only thing I remember about her, I don’t remember her name just where she worked and that she had gotten suspicious enough to track me down. She was his mistress. He had told her that we were divorced and that I was pregnant with someone else’s child (sound familiar?). I didn’t believe her at the time of course, he told me that she was just someone that was under investigation at work (he was in loss prevention) and she was trying to cause trouble. She sent me a picture of the two of them. Innocuous until I realized that it was MY CURTAINS in the background. My decorations. She had been in my home… with him. He took off, I don’t know where he went… I was pregnant, almost in premature labor, scared and hurting. I didn’t tell my family. I just begged him to come home. He had been fired for sleeping with her and was without a job, god knows for how long, I didn’t ever find out. That December we had my baby shower at a cabin my family rented when they came down. My grandma almost died, and I almost went into labor when we got into a fight about Michael’s employment status… I still never told them about the affair.

He got a job. We had the baby. Life settled down.

Then in a few years we thought we finally were done with the money he owed his Ex for child support, and she had requested that her new husband be able to adopt their daughter. Michael signed the papers with a heavy heart. Then we got a letter from the state that they were going to take more money because she had requested a few increases over the years and the state hadn’t taken them from him correctly.

He said that he had contacted a lawyer in his home town to help. We waited. My mom called me one day. The lawyer he said that he was working with had died 5 years previous. He had lied, for no reason other that he was upset about the situation. Who does that? My mom and I didn’t speak for over a month… probably closer to 3. If you know me, you know that is scary.

In 2011 we were pregnant again. We had our second daughter in December. Half way through the next year I asked if we could move to my home town.

….To be continued.


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