The Whole Sordid Tale… Part 2

The in between years.

I got a little lost.

My favorite story from that period is the night I almost set my apartment on fire… but another time, if I get enough comments for it.
I got involved with a trumpet player from high school, turned out he was dating someone else too. It’s ok, he wasn’t that good anyway.
That next spring my office closed. In less than a week I picked up my life and moved to NC. Started a new job, lived with family, knew no one. I eventually got my own place and it was great!

I was a little irresponsible, and I was definitely commitment shy but honestly, I wasn’t attracting the commitment type so…. yeah another story.

That’s when I felt the need to reach out to him. My grandmother was 100% for it. Said she had never seen me as happy as when I was with him. I emailed and waited. He responded. We talked back and forth and finally one day we agreed to meet up. I was a nervous wreck and it’s a long romantic story of that night but I knew as soon as I saw him that I still loved him.
That September, 2007, we were married. He moved to NC with me and had gotten the chain he worked for to transfer him…or at least that is what he said. Flash forward a few months…I find out we’re dying in debt because he hasn’t actually been working. I run and find solice with an old old old friend confess immediately upon coming home and we are wondering what our future would be.

… to be continued


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