The Whole Sordid Tale… Part 1

This is going to be long.

This is going to be messy.

But maybe, if I get it all out, it will be healing.

It all started in January of 2005. Ten years ago. I was fresh out of college and had no idea what I was going to do. I got a job at a call center near the town I had called home for 4 years and thought that would be a good place to start until I had a plan. Little did I know. He was my trainer. He was attractive and charming and I could see in his eyes that he had a good heart. He sold me a very pretty story that his family was wealthy and that he had all these nice things. I believed him… my family believed him… he is a VERY EFFECTIVE liar. We kept everything very secret because it wasn’t allowed at the office, but as things do, it got out. I was cornered in the bathroom by another trainer. She told me that he wasn’t divorced like he had said, but that he was separated. She said that the child was in fact his, if I had seen pictures there would have been no denying. I didn’t believe her. I didn’t want to. She was just some witch that his ex-wife was friends with that wanted to scare me off out of spite.  I was confronted by the manager and given a choice to flip on him or leave… I quit. He was fired, I didn’t know that then. I moved home. He came with me… sort of. We got engaged, even though I never got a ring because he “couldn’t find the one that was perfect for me” and set a date for that June… yes I know that is quick, no I was not pregnant. We were going to buy a house but the money never came through. He had said that he didn’t want to send invitations to his family, my mom dug up his parent’s address and sent one anyway. That was when my life fell apart. I remember being summoned to my grandparents house. He was supposedly working at a survey job because he had a degree in Geology. He wasn’t and didn’t. When I got to my grandparents the family broke the news to me as gently as they could with a lot of conferencing between myself, his family, his wife, and another girl that was supposedly engaged to him. He was still married. He was in the process of a divorce, but it was not finalized. He was supposedly selling the same line to this other chick in a different city. What in the hell.

I went on. We had just got an apartment together, but it became mine. Just me in this 2 bedroom townhouse. Just me at night wondering what in the hell I was going to do.

There was a great deal of crying.

There was a great deal of him pecking on my back door begging me to take him back.

His mom had him committed.

They should have kept him longer.

…To Be Continued.


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