The Renaissance of Rememberance

It has become something of a tradition that the hubs and I would take Ladybug and BumbleBaby to the Renn Faire every year. We always love it and have a great time. This year I’m not sure how I’m going to swing it so I asked my mother if she and my dad would like to join the girls and I which lead to the following hilarious conversation:

Mom: I looked up the Faire, did you know they raised the prices? Well I looked up the wrong one first, did you know that Ash is at the one in Lancaster Co. now?

Me: How in the hell did you know that?

Mom: The website had his name, and believe me I remember his name…

Me: *laughing* That was a looong time ago. Back in my wild days when I used to have fun.

Mom: Are you saying you’re not having fun doing Rocky Horror

Me: Not THAT kind of fun,  but yes, I guess so

Mom: It’s called mature fun

Me: No, I’m pretty sure the previous was called “Mature Fun” This is called responsible fun.


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