Marriage, Kids, Divorce… Part 2

I’m getting a divorce.

I’m 32, a mother of two, a degree in theatre, no wealth to fall back on, no looks to use to my advantage, and no outstanding skill sets.  What in the hell am I going to do?

Nightly the refrain goes: “My kids are going to starve to death, I’ve let them down, what am a doing, what he did wasn’t that bad was it, I was probably asking for it, I mean everyone I’ve ever been with has cheated so it must be me,…” on and on and on

It’s nice of everyone to say that I deserve better… but maybe I don’t, do you really know me?

It’s nice of you to say it’s God’s plan, but it doesn’t really make me like the man anymore than I already don’t.

I smell like a stranger’s cologne… I love it… I hate it. I wonder what scent it is, but why ask? I no longer have anyone to buy it for


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