Happy Vernal Equinox… Now let’s get drunk and hump like bunnies!

The turning of the Seasons never fails to amuse me. The seemingly mindless celebration of the Equinox and Solstice, people endlessly posting religion-dipped memes of classic Pagan symbols. The fact that Easter… a supposed “celebration” of an event that should be a fixed point in time is celebrated based on the appearance of the FULL MOON after the VERNAL EQUINOX… and the fact that this doesn’t seem odd or unseemly to millions of believers who walk around with ash crosses on their heads, give up “vices” for a matter of weeks, take Holy Communion, and then go and hunt symbols of fertility with their children. Sometimes I wonder when people gave up their right to think clearly… they must have chosen the blue pill…. I mean surely there is a reason that so many people blindly believe in something that so obviously has ties in so much that came before it, right? 

I understand, to a point, people’s need to hold on to something larger than themselves. Some system to help them glean reason out of tragedy. I know that people need to feel that there is a reason for suffering, that there is a purpose to the mundane. And I am not saying that there isn’t some truth to it, but I feel that people take religion WAY out of proportion. 


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