How old relationships are like childbirth… come with me on this one.

Memory can be a tricky and slippery thing. At times it seems as solid as an anvil, but at the end of the day… it’s really just smoke and mirrors.

So when I went into labor with my oldest, I swore, in those moments that I would NEVER do that again. That she would be an only child and that there was NOTHING that anyone on this planet could say to convince me otherwise. And even though I ended up having a C-Section, I knew that there was no way that I would willingly put myself in that pain again… then they laid her on my chest, and all those moments of agony and pain disappeared. My strong-willed stubbornness slowly gave way and three years later we had our second. And I realized that the female body and human memory are amazing things. I can still remember that I was in pain, but the edge of it has slipped into the haze of joy at the final result.

So how in the world is this like old relationships you ask?

Well I think that (with a few exceptions) our memory’s do the same thing with old lovers. I realized this the other day when a memory came, unbidden, to mind about an ex. The memories were all there, but the bad ones had a haze around them, and the good ones were sharper and clearer. I could remember the bad and the pain, but only as if from a long distance.

Memory is perhaps the most potent drug of which we can partake. It misleads and veils the parts that we need to remember the most, and leads us to the land of “what-ifs”




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