Another school shooting…. NO! Gun Control is NOT the issue!? :/

So my question to the masses is this:

How many shootings at schools, malls, theaters, etc. do we have to have before we as a country can have a serious conversation about the issue?

It is absolutely PATHETIC that we have become so desensitized to the fact that there was a shooting at a school that we’re like, “Oh? Where at this time?” What happens when it’s at a school where someone you love is at? What then? Are you still going to say, “Guns are NOT the issue?”

And while I am grateful for those “Hero Teachers” there should never be a need for a teacher to talk a 12-year-old out of shooting up their school.

I will be the first to admit that Guns are not the ONLY issue, but lets face it… they ARE part of the problem.

Until we, as a “civilization” can put our ridiculous, self-righteous need to be right aside and have an honest conversation about it I’m afraid that it is just going to get worse, and that terrifies me. I have too many family members that work in the schools, I have children who will one day be in the schools….

Why can we not fix this?!


4 Responses to “Another school shooting…. NO! Gun Control is NOT the issue!? :/”

  1. nearly 285,000,000 firearms in the country. Approximately 50,000,000 gun owners and in ten (10) 550 people killed in mass shootings.

    All mass shootings, not just school shootings.

    So no, guns aren’t the problem.

    Mental health IS the issue in the vast number of these shootings; how about addressing that issue before you start trying to do something about “guns”?

    But I’ll play along – what ideas do you have for ‘gun control’ and exactly (please don’t be vague about “and then no more shootings”) will they stop these types of shootings.

    • As I said… guns are not the ONLY issue.
      But until we can having sweeping mental health reforms there has to be a better and more uniform way of handling whose hands the guns end up in.
      I realize that it is a constitutional right, and I am not trying to say that “we should take all the guns off the market” but, are you trying to tell me that mental health is the ONLY issue at hand? Do you have children or loved ones who are in the schools or universities?
      And I’m sorry, but 50 people is too many to be killed out of hand in “Mass Shooting” let alone 550!

      • I’m not saying that mental health is the only issue but it is the primary issue with school/mass shootings for the most part.
        Mass shootings fall into 3 main categories; domestic violence related, gang/drug, and mentally ill.

        Out of those, the ones we have the best chance of stopping are the mentally ill. But we can not stop them by implementing gun control laws.

        I have had kids in both primary schools and colleges. I’m a recent (fairly 2002) graduate of college myself.

        You say 50 is too many. Okay. I agree. Now comes the question of how you are going to stop 50 murders. Something that hasn’t been done through out recorded history.

        What laws exactly will stop another mass shooting?

      • If you’ll notice, I didn’t call for more laws. I called for discourse. It is time that we as a country TALK about what MUST be talked about.
        We can no longer ignore the elephant in the room and pretend that the peanuts just disappeared on their own.
        Yes mental illness is at issue, but I seriously doubt that a mentally ill person would be able to do as much damage with a baseball bat or even a knife as they would be able to do with a shotgun.

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