“If there were words for how I feel about us and our relationship i would use them… but Shakespeare didn’t write them and I don’t know enough other languages to search for them.. you are beautiful to me in ways i hope you can realize sooner rather than later.  you are special to me in ways that are hopelessly lost except in ***’s world.  you are ****.  you have always been **** and always will be **** to me.  its no matter where i go or where i am the memory and strength of what makes us what we are is greater than time and distance.  its greater than convention.  its greater than making love can ever express.  that’s what makes me so reluctant to display my affections.  i don’t need to.  and you don’t need me to.  and for the record anyone doesn’t see that you are greater than convention can box in, larger than art can express and more intense than fire can burn has lost sight of you.  although its easy to get eclipsed by feelings when thinking of you the only way to hold on to the sun is to soak up the light in every way every chance you get.”


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