What a hell of a past few months…
Busy periods at work, and then the Holidays led to an absent Femme, my apologies.
So lets start off on some inflammatory subject matter:

So why is everyone upset about this:

Zlati Meyer’s Only Crime Was Apologizing For Her West Virginia Tweet

And not this:

Sunday Shows To West Virginia: Drop Dead!


Don’t get me wrong #ZlatiGate is awful and asinine, and I do not understand why a “journalist” would want to compound a serious tragedy, but the fact that the National “news” shows thought that #BridgeGate and Chris Christie’s ample @ss was of a more pressing matter than the fact that there were over 300,000 people unable to do something as simple as brush their teeth with their water is abhorrent.

There are serious issues going on in this country; school shootings, poisoned environments, the decimation of indigent species (especially wolves) but please lets continue to discuss who said what at the Awards, and why Chris Christie’s political aspirations are in peril…..


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