“….I wish!”

If I had done this yesterday like I was supposed to I’m sure that this would have been something else entirely. BUT…. since I’m a slacker (or really since I spent all yesterday buried in my work space trying to organize)


I had to break out an extra table to put stuff on… Made getting behind my desk entertaining!


Look… now you can actually find stuff!!!

My wish today is that I would stop trying to convince myself that intense exercise is a good idea! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for moderate work outs (ok, so not really… I HATE exercise!) but for the second time in less than a month I talked myself into doing something ridiculous.

First, a couple of weeks ago, on a HOT Saturday I convinced myself that it was a GREAT idea to start the Couch-to-5k program, (let me be clear, I DO NOT RUN unless it is FROM something) while it is very slow paced it was hot AND humid so let’s just say I thought I was going to die. And since I was so “smart” I then had to jog back after rehearsing for 3 hours.

Then today, since I had to be to work early and my husband and I have to be somewhere together later, I decided that I would bike to work. Great idea, right? It’s nice and cool, it was early enough to be very little traffic, it would eliminate having 2 cars out, and I thought, “Hey! It’s only a mile and a half!” Well to emphasize how little I ride my bike, my tire was COMPLETELY flat, so I had to bring my husband’s bike (not as easy as you would think). I thought I was going to die, but I only ended up walking it about a block (it was on a grade). My legs are killing me, but I’m feeling better.





One Response to ““….I wish!””

  1. I hate exercise too. I am VERY good at talking myself out of it. if you need some help, I’m happy to mentor. 😉

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