My mom is a Superhero

I know that most little kids think that their parent (figures) are superheroes, and I’m sure that when I saw my mother through those same rose-colored glasses. But now I’m older and I know that my mom is a superhero. It’s not really anything specific… But having kids has made me realize how hard it must have been for her. I was sick (30 + surgeries) and we were on our own (my grandparents and aunts/uncle were there) most of the time.

My oldest daughter, Ladybug, had surgery for the second time recently and YES I know that is was something very simple and routine it was devastating. This was her second set of tubes, and the first surgery was hard because she wasn’t even 2 yet, but this time they decided they were going to take her adenoids too…. great, still an in and out, quick recovery, GREAT! Yeah… NOT SO MUCH. We get in there and they decide, “we need to take her tonsils too,”  so what was supposed to be an outpatient turned into an overnight stay at the hospital and a week and a half of pain and a fussy girl. She was so pitiful and it was heartbreaking to see her there in that hospital bed unable to talk, or eat, or drink, or move well (because of the IV)… and I just kept thinking… “How did my mom do this 30+ times?”  How did she not go insane? How did her heart not break into a million tiny pieces? And then I thought, maybe it did… Maybe she was going to pieces but knew since it was just us she had to keep it together for me.

On Tuesday my mom came to the hospital and helped me get Ladybug to drink enough that the doctor would let her come home… She was firm but loving and when I was curled up in the bed with Ladybug I looked up to see tears in my mom’s eyes and I knew that my mom is a superhero.


One Response to “My mom is a Superhero”

  1. JennSomethingClever Says:

    Yes, she ABSOLUTELY is! Good luck to Ladybug.

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