If I could go back and do something over it would be…


Now I’m not trying to be all righteous and say that I have done anything wrong, or stupid, or dangerous, or even illegal, but there isn’t a single moment of my life that I would go back and change and I will tell you why…

They have all added up to my life today.

I watch enough Doctor Who to know that If you change just one single instant everything from that moment on could be different. And while my life is not perfect, by any means, it’s perfect for me.

I have my family…

A husband that I love and who loves me…

2 beautiful children…

a job that I’m content in…

and a goal for the future…

We have a home and enough to pay the bills, feed everyone, and spoil the kids a little…

I wouldn’t change it, not any of it, if it would risk even an element of what my life is now.

So there you have it folks..


5 Responses to “If I could go back and do something over it would be…”

  1. Wonderful and so glad you have a wonderful life to share with all of us!! Thank you for linking up with us today, too!! 🙂

    • Oh it is by no means perfect. But I would not give up one minute of it….although at the moment with two screaming fighting girls I am at the edge of my sanity! 🙂

  2. I hear you – I feel the same way about all the major things in my life. I’d be afraid that changing one things would have a domino effect and change lots of other things. Too risky!

  3. (a lot of clarks out there…lol*)

    Needless to say, I totally agree with your thinking.

    …and the thing is, it is not so much about a perfect path being followed in order to end up at the point (in life) we collectively are, it is the fragility of the chain of decisions that we all are the product of, that goes into the position that things do not need to be changed.

    Glad I read your Post.

    * a Doctrine semi-joke, the worldview sure does influence thinking (and writing).

  4. haha, great minds think alike, I said very much the same thing. 🙂

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