The best 4th of July I ever had was…

I can’t remember any one 4th in particular, but I remember when I was little my uncle used to get the good fireworks and we would just hang out and play with sparklers and light up the “Holler” with fireworks.

I guess all of my 4th’s have been pretty good.

I’m hoping to make memories like I had with my kids, but we live in town now so it’s a little harder to get the “good stuff” but we still have a really good time.

Sorry this post was kind of lame… :/


3 Responses to “The best 4th of July I ever had was…”

  1. Oh I hope you do get to make wonderful memories with your kids and thank you for linking up with us!! 🙂

  2. welcome to the FTSF (Finish The Sentence Friday) blog hop… it’s a fun way to read a lot of excellent blogs (by a lot of ….interesting people)

  3. I hope this Fourth of July is amazing for you and your kids!

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