Road trips with children are their own special hell…

I have always love to travel and be on the go. Ever since I was little my family has been on the go, I swear we’re actually nomadic. My husband enjoys travelling as well, though he is perhaps not as experienced from childhood as I am. But travelling with a preschooler and a toddler is it’s own special version of hell. Our vehicle looks like it has been lived in, BumbleBaby pulls Cheerios out of places that I don’t even want to think about for days afterward, Ladybug gets hot and then bored and we play contortionist to get a new movie in her player, and we NEVER get anywhere in the amount of time that we intend to take. Maybe when they get older it’ll be easier…

I remember when I was little and we went on road trips…if I got tired I stretched out in the back, but my girls will remain dutifully strapped in their seats. Until they get a little older and more self-sufficient it’ll be plenty of stops, plenty of baby wipes, and plenty of distractions! At least we can geocache along the way usually.


4 Responses to “Road trips with children are their own special hell…”

  1. Our poor parents didn’t have iPads or DVD players to entertain us either!

  2. JennSomethingClever Says:

    Ooh, you geocache? I’ve never met anyone who does that.

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