The hardest part of my day is…

dropping my girls off at the daycare. I know that I’ve been doing it since they were little, but I still feel like I’m missing so much of their lives. They have fun, and they are learning valuable social skills and of course the regular educational stuff as well, but I still feel like such a terrible mother for leaving them. I know there are some people that would agree and say that I should stay home with my children, even some people in my family talk behind their hands about me not staying home, but really we need the 2nd income. Plus I’m a better mother when I’m working. I’m not saying that is for everyone, I’m just saying that I’m calmer and more sane when I have work to help me focus. But even knowing that, giving them kisses and letting go of their little hands to send them off to their day, still breaks my heart.

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12 Responses to “The hardest part of my day is…”

  1. I did this for the first year of my oldest’s life and I too had my heart broken each time. I am now a SAHM, but yes it can be crazy at times and am not going to lie that work was probably easier and kept me a bit more sane at times, but this works for us right now so like you is what I do. Thank you for linking up with us and hope you join us again!! 🙂

    • I’m all for moms who can do it, it’s whatever is best for the situation. I could if I needed to, but we need the two incomes and its good for me.

  2. Anyone who judges your decision to work outside the home (whether you need to or not) can stick it. You do what you need to do, and be the best mom you can be. I worked until my daughter was two, but my husband dropped off at daycare and I picked up. I know it was hard for him to wave goodbye to her everyday, but she turned out just fine 🙂

    • My girls are 4 and 18mos. And even though they are smiling and happy when I drop them off its still hard. But I’m calmer with a little break from sticky hands and scooby-doo.

  3. This is so interesting- I was just thinking about this as I dropped off my toddler at daycare today. I always feel kind of irritable in the mornings, and part of me is really looking forward to dropping her off and having the car to myself, and then as I watch her waving goodbye to me in the window, I want to run back inside and snatch her up. She’s never crying, she is always happy when we say goodbye, but it’s like I immediately miss her, even though I am looking forward to being by myself for awhile, and going to work. Strange, huh? Being a working mom is a hard balance, and I know it is easy to feel conflicted. I am not sure I would choose to stay home full time, but I know a lot of people feel otherwise.

  4. Oh yes, I can imagine that dropping your girls at daycare is so hard. My 3-year old son is on the autism spectrum and doesn’t speak well. The first three weeks dropping him off at preschool made me ball my eyes out! And I think nobody should judge another mother’s decision to work or to stay home. It’s everybody’s choice.

  5. That’s really hard 😦 Sorry you have to go through that.

  6. well, if it helps, and speaking as a ‘former kid’ my mother did both, the stay at home and then worked ( elementary school teacher). As I seem to recall it, there is no memory of my own experiences, as a non-adult, being exceptionally good when she was at home or exceptionally bad when she worked. I suspect that kinds of that age are resilient.

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