Holy Theme Thursday. – Middle School Hell!

Middle school SUCKED! Except 8th, that was awesome. But 5th was probably the worst year ever.

Let me start at the beginning. I’m from a small area, and we lived right in the grey area between counties. So K-4 I went to the elementary school that my mother taught at, which was fine, even if it was in the crappier of the two counties. But right before 5th grade we moved in to town, in the other county. So here I come, the dreaded “NEW GIRL”… I swear everyone else in my class had known each other since the crib. I do not remember much about that year…mostly because I have blocked it out. But I do know that is the year that they formed the “I hate (insert my name here) club,” my husband laughs at me for remembering this, but this was a major traumatic event in my life. I even got called into the office over it. ME. And all I did was move to the school. I did make some friends, and stand up to some bullies, “You know, you’re really short.” is what I said to one girl who threatened me for sitting next to her friend’s “boyfriend” on the bus. But really it set me up for Middle School HELL, where I was the center of many a practical joke… had my shoes stolen at the skating rink… had my best friend (and other “new girl” from 5th) turn on me and stab me in the back… So yeah…  5th through 7th SUCKED! And I really hope that these years are easier for my girls, because if someone hurts them like that… I’ll probably be in jail.

Eighth, however, rocked my socks! We lived in Buffalo, NY for that year. And, even though I was the “new girl” again, it was exotic. No one knew where I came from, and I didn’t have much of and accent, so it was fun. I just got to be myself. They had a thriving Arts program, so I got to do theatre, and the music classes (band, orchestra, and chorus) all had a private lesson once a week that they took you out of a class for. It was GREAT!

So there it is…

My best… and worst.


5 Responses to “Holy Theme Thursday. – Middle School Hell!”

  1. I always thought being “the new girl” would be so awesome. I lived in the same county from K through 12 and always wished for the attention some of the new kids got. I was always just shy of a drama queen, always wanting what I didn’t have. (I was one of those weird kids who was jealous of the girl who broke her leg)

    I have 3 girls and I DREAD the first time someone bullies them.

    • Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE attention, just not the kind that I got. I know that it is bound to happen, but I’m really dreading the first time that someone is truly mean to my girls, I’m really afraid that I will go mama bear on someone.

  2. JennSomethingClever Says:

    Mental note, do not move when the boy is in school. Ever…

  3. The familiar tale of middle school hell…I hope your girls have an easier time of it than you did. Because I just met you, and it would be sad if you went to jail.

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