So I’m back

After several days/half days off I am finally back in the world of the digitally connected.

And what a great day to be back!

So my task today is to write about something that someone should invent…

Someone needs to prevent a better way to keep ants out of my freaking house. We spray all around the house, we put out trap (safely concealed from our pets/kids), we clean constantly and Clorox the floors/counters, but still we have ants!  They are everywhere. Ladybug screams every time she  sees one. BumbleBaby goes around stomping. My husband cusses them and I’m just fed up. Someone needs to invent a 100% foolproof method of getting rid of these little bastards!



4 Responses to “So I’m back”

  1. JennSomethingClever Says:

    I’ve tried two different ant traps, one which is awesome, and the other I swear is empty. I wish I could remember the brands. I can tell you the white ones that look like a flower suck, and the black ones are good.

    • Yes. The white ones are the ones we have now and they suck!! We had some that are like a little trays that are AMAZING but they are open so it’s dangerous to have them around with the kiddos.

  2. Try Terro ant killer. It works. It takes a day or two, but then they are pretty much gone. You put a drop or two of this stuff on cardboard and leave them for the ants to find. We had them in our kitchen (gross!) and had to hide the cardboard (under the cat’s water bowl with a little anti-skid mat propping up one side) and behind furniture but wow. It really helps. Good luck!

    • I know that Terro is hardcore! We were trying to do the easy stuff first, but I think we have reached a breaking point. We have them everywhere, and we have scrubbed and cleaned and vacuumed constantly… it’s just not helping.

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