I hit a turning point in my life when I…

spent some time on my own. I had my own place (several hours from most of my family), was paying my own bills, not really dating, just me. By myself. On my own.

I firmly believe that everyone should do this at some point in their young life. They should be on their own, no relationship, and taking care of themselves.

Now I know that no matter what happens, I can take care of myself. I found who I was, what I wanted. Conquered my fear of being alone, of the dark (mostly), my over-whelming fear of someone breaking in. I know that this all sounds hokey, but it truly helped me define my self, and that has helped me in my relationships, both personal and professional.

I had been in several bad relationships in college, both friendships and romantically. I had always relied on my family for help. I had gotten involved in some bad situations. But when I made up my mind, I decided and moved within 4 days, farther away from my mom than I had ever been. And was there until this past October. I made some great friends, had some great jobs, got married, had kids, and all because I had finally found myself.


9 Responses to “I hit a turning point in my life when I…”

  1. I think it should be a rule that you cannot get married or live with a significant other until you can live on your own first. And kill your own spiders. I think, man or woman, it is important to learn how to rely on yourself first. Congrats on your accomplishments!

  2. Oh so happy that you were able to find yourself and thank you so very much for sharing this here and linking up with us. Please join us again in the weeks to come!! 🙂

  3. You are so right about the importance of being alone. As the mother of two kids, I wish I had appreciated and absorbed more of the value of that experience when it was happening. Sometimes hindsight is the best you can do…

  4. very good Post, sounds like a very positive process (of developing strengths). Sucess is also built upon confidence, founded in sucess.

  5. yeah!
    I am glad you had a happy ending 🙂

  6. I can so relate to this post. I too learned so much about myself during the time I had on my own. I do wish I had had more time alone, but if I had I would never have met Greg, so I’m thankful I had that time alone. I learned a lot about myself, and I agree with you, I think everyone should spend time on their own to get to know themselves.

  7. I was out on my own for a spell. It was probably for about four years. It was definitely a period of great growth for me in so many ways. Good post!

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