So I’ve been trying to come up with an idea…a theme if you will… for my Friday posts. While I love my rambling, venting posts I find that my creativity gets jump-started if I have a topic to focus on first, then other post ideas just flow. I’m not all techie though, like I used to be, so I have no idea how to create a page for it… or really even what I want to focus on.

The ideas I have had are:

  1. Freaky Friday – to post about a freaky factoid
  2. Famously Friday – to post about a “famous” person or event
  3. Friendly Friday – to pay homage to a friend every Friday
  4. Free Advice Friday – I believe someone I know already does this…
  5. etc

I just… BLAH!

So you unclefuckers better give me some advice, ok?

(Oh and thanks to Running Mama over at Mom With Her Running Shoes On for posting today to let me know that I’m not crazy, we are in fact on “u”)


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