Ok so let me just preempt some of the responses to this:

I know that credit card companies, etc., charge companies fees to process credit card transactions and that they have to cover that expense.

That being said…

I am sick of ass-monkey companies being little bitches and charging huge fees when we try to pay them the money that we owe them! I understand that they use third-party companies to process their payments and they feel like they can be cunt-rags because, let’s face it, how else are we going to pay our bills? I mean how many people (besides my mom) still actually take time to sit down and the table and write out checks to these douchebags? But I don’t think it is necessary for the elephant-fuckers to create $4 fucking fees just because I want to use my debit card to pay online! And it’s not like I’m paying a credit card bill, or ordering something… I’m paying my goddamn (sorry for the GD) power bill! It’s a NECESSITY! But they charge a fee to pay it over the phone to… hoes. These icecold-bitches don’t have any problem being jackasses to the unsuspecting customers. And then you have to call and play the kissass game to try to get them to waive a huge fee to pay your bill.

Let me clarify… I’m not paying late.


All I can do is sit and think, “Motherfucking scam!” They must have a huge nutsack to treat customers this way… but there is nothing we can do, they are they only power company in the area, with their old-sweaty-balls.

But they are not the only ones. There are plenty of prickish companies who find quiet-ass ways of rimjob-ing us. So watch out for these shitheads. Check your bills from these twatwaffles. There can all be a bunch of unclefuckers!

(There now I should be totally caught up on my swearing ABC’s!)


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